The State of Online Video – Fall 2016 Webinar

This webinar from Tubularlabs was very interesting you can review it here:   The State of Online Video - Fall 2016 Webinar     The State of Video Fall 2016 from Tubular Labs

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Hyper Scalable business models: the digital key to extreme growth

Within the research of my upcoming E-Book I just read another article on Hyper Scalable business models from Omar Mohout, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School. Hyper Scalable business models: the digital key to extreme growth Omar starts with the impact of industrialization in the last 200 years from Great Britain to China. He discusses the [...]

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Link – 55 Essential After Effects Tutorials

Looking for After Effects Knowledge! I just discover this site with 55 essential After Effects Tutorials. Some of them I already enjoyed. And I definetely will watch the other tutorials over time. Who knows, some of them might pop up as post here ;-).   Here we go:

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Infographic YouTube SEO

How does YouTube rank your videos? This very nice infographics shows you the YouTube ranking factors. Though It's from 2013 and  Google nowadays has more focus on user engagement. Anyways it's worth to look into. This infographic shows the factors of YouTube video search engine optimization. Here is the link to the original blog [...]

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JSON to After Effects / text editor

Here are two tools, which could help. (I not convinced yet, if works at all?!?)

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Working with Adobe Illustrators file (.ai) and Adobe After Effects

As a videoguy I don't have so many experience with Adobe Illustrators but I like the power of vectorsgraphics. Here is the the guide I am following to work with Adobe Illustrators. Enjoy If you prefer to see a video check this out:

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The bookshelf

I read a lot of books and here is my best of book shelf. Law of Attraction/Personal Devlopment: Michael Losier: Law of Attraction - The Secret Behind The Secret (2007) Barbara Berger: The Road to Power - Taking control of your life (1995) Margard Harutunian.: PGH- Der Mensch ist, was er denkt und fühlt (????) [...]

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Why do I control myself better, when I am around people?

I used to live alone in my early 30s and noticed that I am enjoying it, but also that it's hard to keep myself going. Sleeping long on weekends, watch TV until late in the night or even the morning. I was not aware of I let myself go, when I am alone - in [...]

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After Effects Shortcuts

Here is a helpful post for After Effects Shortcuts!

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Morning Rituals – overview

Most succesful in the world have one thing together - the have morning rituals. This video gives you insights how sucessful personalities start there morning. Get inspired  

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